Welcome to my revamped blog.

I'm still in the process of changing things around, so be careful where you step, we don't want any accidents. I haven't updated my liability insurance.

I've updated the name to better represent the intent. Shadows to Stardust will feature new release announcements of horror and sci-fi books and movies, guest posts from authors and filmmakers, as well as the occasional review of books and films released in the genres that interest me.

At this time I am not open to reviews personally but I am looking for any number of people that would be interested in sharing their reviews on this site. At this time I cannot offer compensation for these reviews, it is something I hope to be able to change in the future, we'll see what happens.

I will be bringing back Free Read Friday, and  expanding it to other writers in the genres I focus on. If you have a book that falls under horror or sci-fi, and it's going to be free on a particular Friday, I'd like to know about it.

I've been a fan of science fiction and horror my entire life in both the written word and in movies. I remember Saturday night creature features with Count Gore Devaul, Featuring movies starring Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, and Vincent Price. Weird Tales, Creepy, and Eerie comics.  I can remember marveling at the stories from the likes of Asimov, Clarke, and Bradbury.

That is what I want to bring to this page. My nostalgic love of the heroes I grew up with, and those who dare to stand upon the shoulders of giants to bring us the latest in horror, sci-fi and dark fantasy.

So strap yourself in for what I hope will be a wild ride.

Some changes are afoot.

I've been busy these last few weeks on some changes that are long overdue.

I've set up a static website for me and my published work as a better means of getting the word out about my released books. It can be found here. http://rschiver.wixsite.com/richardschiver it's still a work in progress but it's a start in the right direction.

As for my blog I've decided to keep it going for the time being, but instead of being focused entirely on me I will be opening it up to other writers in the speculative fiction field with new release announcement, interviews, and every so often I'll post a review of one of the books I've read. It was my original intent with the blog when I first started it, and somewhere along the way I got a little lost.

I will also be sharing some of my short stories in their entirety, for free,  on this site. I've been working with caliber and I've read and re-read Guido Henkel's Zen of eBook Formatting. My plan is to give away my short stories to my visitors via insta-freebie and Book Funnel, they have apps available that allow you to download the stories directly onto your favorite reading device. No more reading on a computer screen.

With the exception of my post apocalyptic coming of age series, The Dreadland Chronicles, all of my longer work will now be submitted to publishers who I feel can do a better job than I at the various little tasks that must be completed prior to a book's release. I want to keep my finger in the self publishing pie with my series.

Of course if a book fails to find a publisher in a reasonable amount of time I will reconsider my stance on a book by book basis. I feel I've grown as a writer and I'm now ready to tackle several of my ideas that I didn't feel confident enough to write when I originally thought of them. I have several ideas that have simmered on the back burner while I worked to strengthen that writer's muscle.

While I've never been very big at social media, I'm a face to face kind of guy who even hates using a phone, I'll be even less visible in those mediums moving forward. I'll post about new updates and releases, but beyond that I'll be more focused on my work. I've wasted entirely too much time on Facebook just reading my feed, I need to stop doing that.

I hope everyone is well, and I look forward to interacting with you in the near future.

My Apologies!

To those of you who have been following the short story G is for God is Dead, I'm sorry but I've hit a wall with the story and will not be continuing it. One of the hardest parts of writing is learning to recognize when something isn't working. With God is Dead, I've come to the conclusion that the story as it stands is not working for me. I've been forcing myself to keep writing, hoping I'd hit a part that inspired me, and helped to drive me forward.

It never happened.

I'm not giving up writing, no, I'm just throwing in the towel on this story.

I've signed with Severed Press for my WWII horror novella to be titled NOT OF US. And I'm in the process of working to secure an agent for my paranormal mystery CURSED.

I am still working on A CALL TO ARMS, book four of my post apocalyptic series, Dreadland Chronicles, that I want to get out before summer ends.

My short term goals for this year are to complete ASSIMILATION, book three of my Shadows of the Past trilogy, that I've been putting on the back burner for far too long now.

And THIS WAY TO HEAVEN, a special edition for the Dreadland Chronicles, that focuses on the cult of boys from ALL ROADS LEAD TO TERROR. The story will open on the eve of the awakening and proceed from that point to shortly before Meat, Window, and Billie-Bob confront them. I'm viewing it as a LORD OF THE FLIES with Zombies.

I will revisit G is for God is Dead, but there will be some major changes. Most notably will be the absence of the four boys from my post apocalyptic series. It'll be a good story once I settle on the proper location.

Nor am I giving up on my alphabet series of short stories. I'm just taking a step back and reassessing where I'm gong with my writing.

I'll keep you posted here, so check back from time to time, or better yet just follow my blog so you'll be notified when I update.

G is for God is Dead Part VI

© Can Stock Photo / Zeferli

Author Note: Sorry for the delay in getting this segment out. Had some issues with Word on my computer and wound up having to do a complete reinstall. 

What follows is a brief foray into the world the four boys from my post apocalyptic series inhabit. A world of unrestrained brutality where death lurks at every turn, where the only law was the firepower one carried, and the only hope was for a swift death followed by a dreamless sleep. 

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G is for God is Dead!

Part VI

On a lonely country road four boys reach the edge of reality.

“Where are his followers?” Window said, spreading his arms wide as he slowly turned around in the deserted church. “Where are these true believers?” Window stopped, having turned all the way around until he was facing the priest once again. His arms still outstretched he glanced left and right.

“Are they hiding in the shadows”

“They’re here,” the priest answered, “they’re all around in fact, don’t you see? It’s the second coming. As it said in revelations twenty, twelve, and thirteen.

The priests voice rose as he quoted the passage, “And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every one of them according to their deeds.” As the echo of his voice faded into the shadows the priests turned to the windows at the front of the church.

“They have come to be judged,” he whispered as he crossed to the window and gazed out at the growing crowd of the undead who waited yards from the front door.

“This guy’s off his rocker,” Einstein said as he twirled his finger around his ear.

“You’ll get no argument from me," Meat said as he watched the deep shadows around the statue. They had to get out of there, fast, the sanctuary they sought would not be found here.

“You need to leave,” the priest said as he turned from the window and stepped to the door, “the time of their judgment has arrived.” The snap of the lock being drawn back was loud in the church and the priest was opening both front doors, allowing the light of the setting sun to push back the shadows as briefly glimpsed objects scurried about frantically to escape the encroaching light.

He stepped through the door, his arm spread wide as he approached the undead who stood waiting.

“Welcome my children,” he said, “you have found your salvation, your journey has come to an end.”

The undead remained rooted in place, watching the priest with cataract coated eyes, those that were lucky to still have them. If this was salvation Meat didn’t want any parts of it.

“Let’s get out of here,” Meat said before turning to the deeper shadows crowding the back of the church.

“Where are we gonna go?” Einstein said, turning to watch meat as he vanished into the gloom. “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said.

“What choice do we have,” Meat shot back, his word punctuated by the sound of a door opening.

Window and Billie-Bob remained rooted in place, watching the priest as first one, then another of the undead approached him with staggering steps. The priest stepped back, keeping his distance as more of the undead followed him into the church.

“That’s right my children, come to me, you have been abandoned by the one you followed, left to wander aimlessly, lost in the wilderness of ignorance. I have found the one true god, here in this little church, he has spoken to me as he will speak to if you will only open your hearts to him.”

The priest stepped through the door backwards, his arms upraised, palms out as he spoke in a fevered voice and the undead followed him in an orderly manner.

“Dammit, come on, let’s get out of here,” Meat said, breaking the trance Window and Billie-bob had fallen under as they watched the priest leading the undead into the church.

“Let’s go,” Window said, pulling at Billie-Bob’s arm as he turned to follow the others. Billie-Bob followed reluctantly, struggling to pull his gaze from the spectacle that was playing out in the church behind them. The crowd of the undead was growing as the priest continued to cajole them to follow him into the church. Spreading out to fill the emptiness.

The shadows enveloped them, slithering across their bodies as it wrapped them in ebony embraces.

“That’s right my children, accept the eternal life the one true god has to offer you. Embrace his essence for the god you once followed is dead, and another has risen to take his place.”

To be continued!

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