The A to Z Scary Story Challenge

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Follow me on my 26 short scary story A to Z challenge.

That's right, 26 short scary stories!

Each representing a different letter from the alphabet.

 Can I do it?
Follow my progress below. 

The Rules: 
Yes, there are rules. But they're pretty straight forward. 
Every Friday I will share that week's progress on the current story, raw, and unedited. 
I may only work on one story at a time. 
I may only work for one hour per week on the current story. 
I will strive to write at least 500 words for each segment. 
What you see each Friday is what was completed that week.

After each story is complete I will post a segment on the editing of the story as it falls into the Que. Beginning February of 2018, and each month thereafter, I will release one story to a wider audience via Amazon and Smashwords for the low price of only $0.99.  Until the story is released it will remain free in its entirety, on this blog.

Help me spread the word, share this page with your friends, tweet and post about my challenge on facebook and twitter. Use the hashtag #ricksatozstorychallenge in your post and I may use your name in one of my stories, with your permission of course.

I will also be giving away story bundle e books to those who have helped me spread the word. When the challenge is complete all of the stories will be compiled into a single print volume and I will give away 20 personally autographed print copies to the people who have helped spread the word the most. Everyone else who helped will have the option of purchasing a personally autographed copy at cost plus shipping.


The stories so far.

A is for Alone:

It happened so fast there was no time to react. One moment Pete was moving through the darkness of the mine, the small lantern affixed to his helmet lighting his path with a narrow beam. The next he was overwhelmed by a dense cloud of dust as the roof of the mine behind him collapsed without warning. The tons of dropping stone displaced the air so fast he was driven forward by a brief gust of wind, nearly falling to the rocky ground as he struggled to maintain his balance. Read the rest HERE!

B is for Believe in Me: Formely known as B is for Billy:

It came crashing through the woods around him, filled with deadly intent as he turned and fled into the gloomy depths. He didn’t know which way to run as the sound of the beast hunting him came from every direction. He was trapped between the emptiness of nowhere and the gloomy depths of a featureless void. Its rancid breath washed over him as the slender trucks of the trees to his right slowly parted, razor sharp claws shimmered darkly in the faint light of a sliver of moon that played hide and seek behind the low clouds skirting across the treetops above him. Read the rest HERE!

“Archie,” Patricia’s voice shrieked through the plastic mesh of the baby monitor on the counter top. He had installed them to keep tabs on his wife when he wasn’t in her room, and she needed him. All she said anymore was his name and even that was becoming an increasingly rare occurrence. It was if the disease had not only robbed her of her mind, and her memories, but was taking her voice as well. 
Read the rest HERE!

Why anyone would want a calendar I have no idea, life is bad enough as it is without a constant reminder that another day has passed, and that you’ve taken one more step closer to the grave. My mom carried one of those day planners, you know the kind with kittens or some other cute shit on the cover, and all it ever did for her was serve as a constant reminder of the failure she’d become. 
Read the rest HERE!

E is for Everett Park:

It usually doesn’t take much to spark a memory, good or bad. After all, what has come before will always define who and what we are today. While we may have grown older, maybe even wiser in some cases, at times the past grows restless in its shadowy crypt and reaches out to remind us it’s still there, waiting. It could be the way the sun slants through our window, a sound we haven’t heard for years, or even a smell that has the power to transport us back to a time and place we thought long forgotten. Read the rest HERE!

F is for Funghi:

"And be careful around my flowers," Nadine shouted from the door as Eric crossed the back yard to the shed in the corner. His hands stuffed into the pockets of his shorts, his shoulders drooping as if they carried the weight of the world upon them. Which in a sense they did. Read the rest HERE!

G is for God is Dead:

Were it a different time and place the sight of four boys on a camping trip would elicit a smile as many recalled doing just that when they were young. Their packs slung across narrow shoulders, the pockets of their cargo pants bulging with the necessities for the trip.  An adventurous trek into the wilderness away from the safety of home, even if it was at the very edge of the backyard where the forest waited in gloomy anticipation. Read the rest HERE!

H is for Hillbilly Hellmouth

Gonna have a little fun with this one.When a Hellmouth opens in the Appalachian wilderness, does hell on earth even stand a chance against the Compton Clan?

If you have a suggestion for a title, please don't hesitate to let me know. Post a comment here, or drop me an email at rschiver@gmail,com ,In the subject line use the following (? is for ?,) replacing the question marks with your suggestion.

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